Thursday, March 21, 2013

More of Gulu

Yesterday, Elder Woods and I took a drive 60 miles or so up the road to Kitgum.  About a two hour ordeal up dirt road, washed out, pot-holed...beat you to death trip.  There is a small unofficial Church group that meets there is the Los Angeles Hotel (shown above) lobby.  Maybe a dozen or so members.  It's lead by Nixon.  That's him on the left outside his home with a good friend and faithful Church member Kenneth. Nixon was one of thousands of children abducted by Joseph Kony...about age 13.  Forced into the rebel's army.  He never really joined the cause and in a hail of bullets from govt planes he found a knife to cut himself free.  In the process of escaping he was shot in upper leg/hip area.  I can't remember how long the bullet remained inside him.  He thinks the bullet probably passed through one or two others before he got hit.

The full-time missionaries serving in our area over for dinner.  Representing Utah, South Africa, Uganda.

I know you are not believing your eyes but we came across this hut today here in Gulu.

Down the road from this hut we met two of our branch members, Dixon and Agnes...this is an amazing story told mostly in pictures.  A brilliant couple.  Very ingenious, industrious, and wealthy by Uganda standards.  Dixon started working his land in 1999.  It was nothing but swamp when he began.  We call it "paradise" today.  They have had their trials having lost both of their two children to illness.  Last year Dixon caught malaria that really effected his mental health.  Was placed in hospital on phsycotics for weeks, dehydrated, near death.  Also diagnosed with TB.  His Mom insisted they re-hydrate him and he began to mend with proper medical care.  His farm site nearly fell apart.  Today it is doing great.

This is Dixon's brick factory.  The tall one consists of fired bricks...ready to sell or build additional structures on his property.  The smaller one in the forefront was built today by the missionaries...a service project for him.  Those bricks will be covered from rain until it is time to cover the stack in mud and fire the pit.  You can see the fire pit in the larger stack in the back.  The larger one has 36,000 baked bricks.  Total value, 360,000 shillings or just about $136 US.  That's just under 4 cents a brick.

This is their bakery made from his own bricks and built by himself.  It's right on the road so they will place their baked goods in the front windows you see there and entice passers-by into the store.  They will also eat their own baked goods.

This is their home behind the bakery.  He built it all by himself.  Most folks live in huts.  He is very blessed to have a house.

One of many ponds he has on the farm.  Not ready for fish yet as he must get a continual flow of fresh water in and old water out but he can tell you how many fish he will have.  4-6 fish per sq meter.  He will sell them and allow others to fish while they wait to have their car washed...yes he is building a carwash on the farm.    Below Passion Fruit trees...more than you can count.  Also grown; bananas, rice, guava, pineapple and more.
Pam and Agnes

Pam and Dixon

Standing next to 7 ft ant pile.   When it rains the ants come to the top and are then eaten as a treat.

Factoid:  I needed a bathroom sink faucet repaired in the apt here.  Called plumber.  Parts and labor...10,000 shillings or $4 US.

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