Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 14  Progressive shots of our pottery.

Two or three days in the lives of a senior missionary couple:

We were called to take 3 transferring missionaries from Gulu to Kampala on Wednesday.
Brought back 3 with us to Gulu including two who had just arrived new the day previous to Kampala...both from Utah.  They are working hard and settling in fine with two great trainers leading them.

We returned from Kampala on Thurs around 3:00.  Had a mechanic look at what appeared to be a radiator leak.  A new one on order.  That evening I taught Institute for college age young folks and Pam stayed home to prepare a meal for our recently called full-time missionaries who will be leaving in less than two weeks.  Following dinner I taught them a Temple Preparation class.  Out the door at 9:00 pm.

Friday, Pam walked to former Relief Society (the sister's auxilliary of the Church) President's home ...about a mile away while I went shopping.  The sister was not home so Pam walked back and we then went shopping with one of our outgoing missionaries mentioned above.  His Mom lives quite a distance away and he hasn't seen her in months so we got him ready to see her before he leaves on his mission.  He bought her some seeds so he could plant her a garden as well as some food.  Isaac is one of the finest young men I have ever met anywhere.

Pam has not been feeling well so we went to the pharmacy at the hospital to pick up meds for nausea and antibiotic for toothache...possible infection and something to calm her intestines.  This stuff has been off and on for a few weeks now.  May see dentist in Kampala as we head back there this coming week for farewell dinner for our Mission President who will leave home for Utah first of July.  On our way to Kampala we will go on safari for a couple of days. Got Isaac on the bus at 9:00 pm for 11:00 pm departure that actually left at 12:00 midnight...the buses often don't leave until it is full.

Today, Saturday, Pam taught seminary at 9:30 am.  I did training with a branch president at the same time.  Finished both at 11:00 then went to see another Relief Society president and Primary president of another branch in the same neighborhood.  Neither at home.  Left there to purchase some eggs.  Then met up with a pair of elders who took us to an orphanage a Church member runs at 1:30 pm.  Some pics below.  Didn't see much of Justin, the owner, as his son came down with malaria over night so Justin was at the hospital getting treatment for his son.  Left the orphanage and dropped Pam off at the former RS president's home mentioned above at 3:00.  Picked her up after an hour as Pam had a meeting at our place with the Gulu Branch YW President who is leaving for USA for a few months.   Then out to Pope John Paul school at 5:30 pm to teach the one seminary student who boards there.

We stay very busy like this most days but the week simply flies by.

 First we take a piece of clay, cut it into two pieces and hollow out both pieces.  Then we shape each side so we can "glue" each side together to make the elephant body you see on the right.  "Glue" is just more clay used to stick the two parts together. Then we make the legs.  Elephant's back legs are longer than his front legs.  After gluing together the parts you smooth out the newly glued on joints using a little water and a a slightly flattened piece of wood.
 Then we "glue" the legs onto the body, after shaping the body into what looks more like an are looking at their rear-ends.
 Next step...glue on the head and trunk...more clay and smoothing out.   Then glue on the ears  Same process, more clay, wet it down, stick it own and smooth out the joints to the legs, trunk, ears, tail.  The elephant on the right is the one I'm trying to duplicate. It's been blasted in a wood burning oven, then smoked with burning wood and is now ready for sale
 Close up shots above and below of my elephant so far.
My elephant dried out after a week.
Pam is making an elephant with polka dots.  Was a lot slower than mine as she had some painting to do.  In this picture, as I did on my elephant she is "burnishing" the elephant...smoothing out all the rough spots and making the elephant shine somewhat with what appears to be a small quartz stone.  Then it goes to the blast furnice and then to a smoker that will change the colors of the clay

Now fired elephants but not yet smoked.  Final pic coming up in next week or so.
These poor cows looked like they had been driven half-way across Africa and just decided they couldn't go any further so laid down in the middle of the street...a couple blocks from our home.  Notice how thin they are.  There are no feedlots or grain these are fed.  They graze on what little grass they find in the city.  I didn't see their owner.
Can you see the bus up there?  No, cause it's kicking up all that dust.  On the way to Gulu from Kampala Thursday morning.
Orphanage.  The lady is from USA just visiting for a couple of weeks and enjoying helping out at the orphanage.
Some of the kids...21 in all.
Kitchen washroom.
This little piggy stayed home.
Dorm at the orphanage...boys on the right, girls on the left.

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  1. Pam.. you are in my thoughts & prayers for a good, very positive, healthy recovery!